Podcast thoughts

I personally have never gotten into podcasts.  I’m not sure what exactly it is that doesn’t appeal to me, but potentially it is just the time I would have to set aside to listen to them.  I’ve never gotten very excited about audio books or talk radio, and I think podcasts fall into the same category for me.

That said, I can definitely see the potential for library related podcasts.  I can envision a teen program where the teens could create their own podcasts using technology at the library.  I’m not sure if the teens in my community would listen to podcasts if I tried to promote my programs at the library that way.  I haven’t had too much luck reaching them through online venues, like the library website or the teen facebook page.


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  1. sesedell
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 20:08:24

    I find your personal insights super interesting. One, I understand that podcasting takes time, something that is becoming a rare commodity. I knit, so listening to a podcast is a great compliment to that activity. But running errands, not so much. Carving out the time is a huge impediment to this 2.0 tools. Also, I think you bring a practical and real-life point of view to determining what web 2.0 tools might actually work, particularly for young people – the very people we believe are clamoring for these things. Would a library-based podcast be appealing to young adults? If it isn’t appealing to librarians, why would it be interesting to them? Very interesting post! ~Shannon


  2. maryposey
    Apr 12, 2012 @ 15:17:31

    I have seldom listened to podcasts, but someone loaded a ton of them on my iTunes for me. lol My bro loads them onto his iPod and listens all the time.
    I only listen to audio books on airplanes and radio in my vehicle, so no wonder podcasts aren’t a good fit for me.


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